Kevin Pieteren tightens Team India, said this big thing about pitch


New Delhi: The third match of the four-match series between India and England (IND vs ENG) is being played at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. In the first two matches of this series, a lot of questions were raised about the pitch. Something similar is being seen even at the commencement of the third Test. Former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen has warned the Indian team in a tweet in Hindi before the third Test.

Peterson’s tweet in Hindi again

Kevin Pietersen, who often gets the news by tweeting in Hindi, has made another fun tweet before the third Test between India and England. Pietersen (Kevin Pietersen) tweeted, ‘Oops India, hope that winning this toss is not the match winning wicket. England have decided to bat first after winning the toss in this toss match against India, after which this tweet from Peterson has come.

Toss has been important till now

The role of the toss has been very important in the two Test matches between India and England (IND vs ENG) so far. In the first Test of this series, England won the toss and decided to bat first and they won that Test by 227 runs. In the second Test, India won the toss and batted first and won the match by 317 runs. In such a situation, it is believed that the team that wins the toss in India wins the match.

England in trouble even after winning the toss

England have decided to bat first by winning the toss in the third Test match. But his decision has not proved to be effective for him. The England team has lost 6 wickets by scoring 81 runs till the 29th over and in the first innings, the British are now seen in a big problem.


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