Kohli messed up with ‘Burmese Army’, Vaughan won the hearts of Indians by giving this statement on Virat


London: Former England captain Michael Vaughan has defended Kohli for mocking Indian captain Virat Kohli by making interesting gestures at the Barmy Army during the fourth Test. India defeated England in the fourth Test to take a 2-1 lead in the five-match series. During the match, Kohli made fun of the Barmy Army by making gestures.

Vaughan defends Kohli

Many fans of England expressed their displeasure at this gesture of Kohli. However, Vaughan said that the gesture was simply out of enthusiasm. Vaughan told Fox Sports, ‘Kohli is an incredible leader. They just got energy. I liked it. We don’t have people who imitate the audience. He is an amazing character and he gave a tactical masterclass on how to win a Test match. By giving this statement on Virat, Vaughan has won the hearts of Indian fans.

Kohli killed the Barmy Army with just one gesture

Some people in the Barmy Army took this gesture of Kohli objectively and said that the Indian captain wants to be a part of the fan club of the England team. A fan was quoted as saying by Daily Mail, ‘Yes, we know you want to join the army Kohli. We have got the signal. Indian fans, however, enjoyed Kohli’s attitude. One fan said, ‘Kohli killed the Barmy Army with just one gesture.’


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