KRK knows all the secrets of Sourav Ganguly and Nagma’s affair, asked to write Dada’s biopic


New Delhi: The grandfather of Sourav Ganguly, the former captain of the Indian cricket team, is very famous. This player took Team India to new heights under his captaincy and left the mark of his brilliant batting. No one can forget the contribution of Sourav Ganguly in Indian cricket. Due to this, news of a film being made on Dada’s life is coming for some time.

For which Kamal Rao Khan i.e. KRK, famous for his controversial statements, has given a big statement.

KRK knows the secrets of Ganguly!

KRK has given a controversial statement on its official Twitter handle. He said that he knows all the secrets of former captain Ganguly.

KRK wrote, ‘I am the best writer in the world to write the story of Sourav Ganguly’s biopic because I know all the secrets of Ganguly and Nagma’s love story. My friend Nagma has told everything. So if the makers show wrong things in the film, I will give them zero.

There was news of Nagma and Ganguly’s affair

Ganguly was a great player as well as he was also the captain of Team India. The more discussions were about his game, the more he used to be in the headlines about his personal life. We all know that in the year 1997, Sourav Ganguly married his childhood friend and partner Donna against the family.

The Ganguly-Donna pair is still a role model for many people. Everything was going well in the initial days, but the twist in the story came when a Bollywood actress entered Sourav Ganguly’s life. The name of that actress is Nagma, who has been a well-known actress of her time not only in South films but also in Bollywood films, who is currently also a politician.

The two met during the World Cup

Nagma and Sourav Ganguly met after 2 years of Sourav Ganguly’s marriage i.e. during the World Cup in 1999, after which both of their names were discussed in the media. According to the news, both were spotted together in a temple a little away from Chennai. After which there was a lot of discussion in the media about their relationship. Neither Sourav nor Nagma ever talked to the media about their relationship. But the names of both of them started being discussed so much that it started affecting Sourav Ganguly’s married life as well. However, Donna ended the matter there by calling all those reports a rumour.


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