Legendary runner-up Mikha Singh infected with Corona, told himself


New Delhi: The second wave of Corona Virus in India has caused a furore at this time. Today, millions of people are falling prey to this epidemic and thousands are losing their lives due to it. Due to Corona, many players have suffered a lot in the sports world.

Milkha succumbed to corona

Meanwhile, the great Indian runner-up Milkha Singh has been found positive in the Corona virus investigation and is in quarantine at his residence in Chandigarh. The 91-year-old Milkha Singh, known all over the world as ‘Flying Sikh’, has not shown any signs.

Surprised by the result

Milkha Singh said, ‘Some of our helper have been found positive, so all the family members were investigated. Only my result came positive and I am surprised. He said, ‘I am completely fine and there is no fever or phlegm. My doctor told that in three to four days I will be cured. I also did jogging yesterday.

Five-time Asian Games gold medalist Milkha Singh finished fourth in the 400-meter final at the 1960 Rome Olympics. Milkha’s son golfer Jeev Milkha Singh is in Dubai and will return this week.

Corona havoc in India

India is currently badly affected by the second wave of Corona Virus. More than 2 lakh people are getting infected with Corona on the day it arrives in the country. At the same time, more than 3 thousand people are losing their lives every day due to this epidemic. Due to lack of medicines and oxygen cylinders in the country, Corona has become a big problem for the people.


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