Like Rohit, this player can become an opener from a middle order batsman, the bat will fire fiercely


New Delhi: Rohit Sharma’s formula of becoming an opener from middle order batsman proved to be such a hit, that till now Team India is getting its fruits. Just as Rohit Sharma was made an opener from a middle order batsman, in the same way a player of Team India can be made an opener. If this player of Team India becomes an opener from a middle order batsman, then Team India will get a tremendous advantage, because then the bat of this batsman will fire fiercely.

This player can become an opener like Rohit

Like Rohit Sharma, Rishabh Pant can also be made an opener from a middle order batsman. Team India’s biggest advantage will be that Rishabh Pant is a left-handed batsman, who can prove to be a headache for any opposing team in the opening. If Rishabh Pant becomes the opener of Team India, he can create a storm at this place for a long time. Rishabh Pant is also an expert in captaincy. In the coming days, he will compete with Rohit Sharma in the opening as well as in the captaincy.

bat will fire fiercely

Rishabh Pant also has the same strength as Dhoni. Let us tell you that when Dhoni was given the captaincy of Team India in 2007, that use also proved to be better. Under Dhoni’s captaincy, India won two World Cups and one Champions Trophy title. It is known to all that a wicketkeeper understands the game more than any player on the field, so Pant can be used like Dhoni. In the coming days, due to the increasing competition, the difficulties of ‘Hitman’ Rohit Sharma may increase. Rohit Sharma is currently 34 years old, big decisions can be taken keeping in mind the youth and 2023 ODI World Cup. The 2023 ODI World Cup is not far away, for which Team India will need to prepare from now on. The 2023 ODI World Cup is in India, for which Team India will give full strength. There are some such strong players in Team India, who can cut the card of ‘Hitman’ Rohit Sharma from Team India soon.

This batsman can wreak havoc

It was Dhoni’s decision to make Rohit Sharma an opener from a middle order batsman. For this reason, Rohit Sharma managed to score 3 double centuries in ODIs. It also includes Rohit Sharma’s highest individual score of 264 runs in ODI cricket history. Like Rohit Sharma is proving to be a hit after becoming an opener, Rishabh Pant can also create havoc after becoming an opener.


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