Making MS Dhoni the mentor of Team India could not be digested, this Indian legend raised questions


New Delhi: MS Dhoni has been made the mentor of Team India for the ICC T20 World Cup 2021, but Indian legend Ajay Jadeja has made a statement about it. Questions have been raised.

Dhoni agrees to the new role

BCCI Secretary Jay Shah himself announced this new role of MS Dhoni through a video message. Shah told that the former India captain has agreed to this new role.

‘It’s impossible for me to understand’

Ajay Jadeja told Sony Sports, ‘It is impossible for me to understand this, for 2 days I am thinking what will be the idea behind it. How will MS Dhoni’s understanding be beneficial, I am not talking about it. It is such that you send Ravindra Jadeja over Ajinkya Rahane, that person will wonder why this was done.

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Shocked Ajay Jadeja

Jadeja further said, ‘I am surprised. No one will be a bigger fan of MS Dhoni than me. I understand that MS Dhoni is the first captain to have prepared the next captain before leaving the post. Dhoni has played white ball cricket for more than 2 years under the captaincy of Virat Kohli.

‘Why the need for a mentor all of a sudden?’

Ajay Jadeja said, ‘When you left as captain and that player took the team to a different level, there is a coach who made the team world number one, then what happened overnight that a mentor is needed. Gaya, this thing is surprising me a bit.

‘Dhoni and Kohli have different thinking’

Jadeja said, ‘I see that Indian cricket is working in a different way. Dhoni used to run in a way, he was used to giving chances to spinners, he never kept 4 fast bowlers in the playing XI, 4 pacers were used in England. One person thinks differently and the other thinks differently, perhaps this is an attempt to mix the two.


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