Matthew Hayden had threatened to break his face to Parthiv Patel, there was a dispute about this matter


New Delhi: Former Indian wicketkeeper Parthiv Patel made a shocking disclosure that during the 2004 India and Australia series, Australian great batsman Matthew Hayden threatened to break his mouth by punching him. Actually, this incident happened during the Brisbane ODI when Parthiv was carrying drinks for the Indian batsmen in the field and he faced Hayden.

Matthew Hayden was furious

Hayden was enraged on seeing Parthiv and told him the truth. Hayden was actually responding to Parthiv’s misbehavior with him and that is why Parthiv did not reply to Hayden. Talking about this sentence, Parthiv told a radio channel that, ‘I was going to Brisbane with drinks, Irfan Pathan got his wicket in this match. He had already scored a century and the match was in a very difficult position when Irfan dismissed him. I was passing by him and I went to him and said hoo hoo.

Hayden threatened to break his face to Parthiv Patel

Elaborating on Hayden’s anger, Parthiv said, ‘He had become very angry with me. He was standing in the dressing room in Brisbane, which is like a tunnel. He was standing there and told me, if you do this one more time I will punch you hard in the face, I said sorry to him, stood there and then left. Leaving that quarrel behind, today Parthiv and Hayden have become very good friends. The credit of their friendship goes to the IPL where both of them have spent a lot of time with each other.

Matthew Hayden wanted to beat Parthiv

Actually, Parthiv and Hayden used to start the innings together for Chennai Super Kings and this is where their friendship became very strong. Referring to his friendship with Hayden, Parthiv said, ‘Yes, of course Hayden wanted to beat me up in Brisbane but we became friends after that. We played a lot of cricket together for CSK. We had a lot of fun playing with each other. It was really fun to open the innings with him. We had a great time on the field. We had reconciled after the Brisbane incident.


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