Mega Auction: Aaron Finch set to be captain in IPL 2022! Will these 3 teams bet?


New Delhi: Australia defeated New Zealand by 8 wickets in the final of the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 to regain the reign of the shortest format of cricket for the first time.

Finch will get the advantage of the title win

Under the leadership of Aaron Finch, Australia became the champion of the ICC T20 World Cup for the first time. He can get the benefit of this in the mega auction of IPL 2022.

Finch can become the captain of these 3 IPL teams

Many teams need a new captain for IPL 2022. After winning the T20 World Cup, the confidence of Aaron Finch is very high, so these 3 teams can bet on him for the leadership role.

1. Lucknow

RP-SG Group has bought the franchise of Lucknow (Lucknow) for Rs 7090 crores. In such a situation, Finch can prove to be the fittest player for this role.

2. Ahmedabad

CVC Capital has acquired the ownership of the Ahmedabad team for Rs 5166 crore. He is also looking for a new team and best captain like Lucknow. This franchise will try to win the IPL title thanks to Aaron Finch.

3. RCB

Virat Kohli was the captain of RCB for a long time but with the end of IPL 2021, he left this responsibility. The Bangalore team has not become the champion of the tournament even once so far, in such a situation, the owner of the franchise, Aaron Finch, will definitely try to fulfill the dream of winning the trophy.


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