Michael Clarke Claims-Ball Tampering Includes Many Players Apart from Warner-Smith and Bancroft


Sydney: Former Australia captain Michael Clarke is not surprised by the statement by batsman Cameron Bancroft, who said that the Australian bowlers were aware of the ball tempering incident. According to Bancroft, the players already knew about ball tempering during the Test series in South Africa.

Warner-Smith-Bancroft was caught in tempering

During the Cape Town Test on South Africa tour in 2018, batsman Cameron Bancroft was caught on camera flirting with the ball. It also included the then captain Steve Smith and David Warner. Later, Cricket Australia banned Bancroft for 9 months while Warner and Smith were banned for 12-12 months.

Bowlers must have seen scratch marks on the ball

Clarke told Fox Sports, ‘I can tell you that if you caught a pan, just a pan and it wrote’ 1 ‘on my cricket bat somewhere. Above the handle, on the edge of the bat, under the grip, anywhere, just a little number one, then I will notice it. At this stage, the players have a lot of knowledge about the equipment being used and it is difficult to believe that the bowlers did not see scratch marks on the ball.

Many players involved in tempering

Clarke said, “When the ball is thrown to the bowler, it cannot be that the bowler does not know about it.” No one should be surprised at Bancroft’s statement, because more than three people were also aware in this matter.

More than three people at Sandpaper Gate

Clarke said, ‘No one will be surprised that more than three people knew about Sandpaper Gate. I don’t think anyone who has played cricket or who knows a little bit about cricket will be surprised that more than three people knew about it.


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