Michael Vaughan advocates for continuation of IPL 2021, people said – more money is required for them


New Delhi: The second wave of Corona Virus in India is causing a furore at this time. The impact of Corona is also being seen on the current season of IPL. Now the matter has reached here that questions are also being raised on its organization. Meanwhile, former England captain Michael Vaughan said that the IPL should go on.

Von said big

While people in the country are talking about the closure of IPL 2021, Michael Vaughan has said that this league should go on. Von said in a tweet, ‘I think the IPL should be carried forward. The joy it will bring in every evening is important. But at the same time it is also difficult to understand how the players of England and Australia withdrew from the matches in South Africa. Despite this, both countries allowed their players to play in India.

People put class

As soon as Michael Vaughan tweeted this, people started imposing his class. People have given various responses. Some people have even said that anyone can do anything for money.

Many players have left IPL

Many big players have removed their names from this season of IPL. The names of India’s Ravi Ashwin are also included in these players. These players have taken this decision due to the rising outbreak of Corona virus. Apart from Ashwin, Andrew Tye, Ken Richardson and Adam Jampa have also left the IPL.


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