Michael Vaughan said – IPL 2021 should go on, millions of people get happiness in bad times


New Delhi: The second wave of Corona Virus in India is causing a furore at this time. The impact of Corona is also being seen on the current season of IPL. Now the matter has reached here that questions are also being raised on its organization. Meanwhile, former England captain Michael Vaughan has made a big statement.

‘IPL continues’

While thousands of people in the country are talking about the closure of IPL 2021, Michael Vaughan has said that this big league should continue. Vaughan has said that the IPL is a good way to give happiness to crores of people in this bad time. Von said in a tweet, ‘I think the IPL should be carried forward. The joy it will bring in every evening is important. But at the same time it is also difficult to understand how the players of England and Australia withdrew from the matches in South Africa. Despite this, both countries allowed their players to play in India.

Tie had said a big deal

Rajasthan Royals fast bowler Andrew Tye, who left the IPL midway due to rising cases of Corona virus in India, expressed surprise that when there is such a big health problem in India, the IPL teams How are the owners spending such a huge amount. Ty said, ‘Look at it from an Indian perspective, how are these companies and franchisees spending so much money on IPL at a time when people in the country are not getting a hospital?’

Andrew Tye told cricket.com au, ‘If the continuation of the game relieves the tension of the people or gives a glimpse of hope as if there is light across the tunnel. If it is so, I think it should be continued.

Richardson and Jampa also decided to pull out

Andrew Tye said that he took this decision due to the increasing quarantine cases of people moving from India to his hometown of Perth. Tye had not played a single match for the Royals yet and was bought for Rs 1 crore. After Ty, Ken Richardson and Adam Zampa of Royal Challengers Bangalore also decided to withdraw from the IPL for ‘personal reasons’.


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