Milkha Singh of Indore has won many medals, but financial crisis broke her back


Indore: Karthik Joshi of Madhya Pradesh is known as ‘Indouri Milkha Singh’. He has set a record of running 262 kilometers in 39 hours. He has left the mark of his footsteps across the country at the age of just 19 years.

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After the corona virus pandemic started, the game of the world was braked and many players fell victim to financial crisis, even Karthik Joshi has not remained untouched. If we look at the walls of his house, the uncountable medals are hanging. But there is a crisis on their livelihood

Karthik Joshi who left his mark in 19 states
Karthik Joshi of Indore, who fills the earth at the speed of wind with a slight smile on his face. At the age of 19, Karthik has left the mark of his footsteps on the land of 19 states of India. Kartik Joshi has made a record by running from the heat of the desert to the snowfall of Uttarakhand. But Karthik and his family are going through bad times at the moment.

Indauri Milkha Singh is trapped in economic bonds due to Corona period. The condition of the house is such that after getting tired, you cannot even sleep with your legs spread. Karthik Joshi’s 5-member family lives in a room of 10/8. Father used to run his tea shop to feed his family, due to Corona, that shop was also closed.

Karthik says that he has written to everyone from the Prime Minister to the local MP, asking for help, but nothing has been helped so far. Though a private company has sponsored Karthik after looking at the talent, but there is not much help from there either.

Karthik tells about his running that his father Omprakash Joshi used to run a tea shop. With this income, this family of 5 members used to run. Which closed due to lockdown. Karthik’s father now has to work as an agent of online shopping and deliver clothes to different shops.

Hope for help from government
Everyone is shocked to see the passion and hard work of Karthik. Karthik and his entire family are leaving no stone unturned to help themselves to international level without the help of a coach. They hope that one day it will come when The government and administration themselves will come forward and help them.

These big records are in the name of Karthik
(1) Won Golden Ticket (USA) by running 262 km in 39 hours

(2) Runs 114 km in 17 hours and finds first place in the country

(3) Won gold medal by running 141 km in 21 hours


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