Mohammad Amir furiously rebuffed for playing in IPL, gave his last reply


New Delhi: All the players in the world express their desire to play in the world’s largest cricket league IPL. The reason behind this is the wealth and fame. However, since the first season of IPL, Pakistani players were banned due to boundary disputes in this league.

But now the talk of Pakistan’s legendary star bowler Mohammad Amir taking part in the IPL is coming out. Aamir has also talked about plans to participate in his IPL.

Will Aamir play in IPL?

Even after Pakistani players are banned in IPL, Mohammad Amir can now be seen playing in this big league. Actually, Aamir is trying to get citizenship of England at this time. If they get citizenship, then they can play in the IPL.

Angry Aamir gave this answer

But now Aamir (Mohammad Amir) has made a big statement, breaking his silence on these reports. Talking on a YouTube channel, Aamir said, ‘Don’t know where all these things come from that I am going to play in the IPL. it’s not going to happen. My wife is from UK, so I have a card there. You see how many players in the past who have a UK passport. I do not understand why there is so much noise in my name.

Aamir (Mohammad Amir) further said, ‘My children have to study there but right now my card here is only 2 years left. When it is finished, then the passport will be a thing of et cetera. So please do not spread the wrong news to me.

Pakistani management was accused

Mohammad Amir recently retired from cricket in December 2020. For this, Aamir had made deep allegations against the coaching staff of the Pakistani cricket team. He alleged that some of the team’s coaching staff do not want them to play further. Aamir said that the team management did not give him due respect, after which he had to leave cricket under compulsion. Aamir retired at the age of just 28.


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