Mohammad Siraj is crying incessantly, said ‘I will pay homage to my father by winning the Test series against AUS’


Mumbai: The shocking news came for Team India’s fast bowler Mohammad Siraj (Mohammed Siraj) when he came to know that his father was dead. But this young bowler decided to stay with the team.

Mohammed Siraj (Mohammed Siraj) comes from a poor family. His father was an auto driver and despite the lack of money, he led Siraj to this point. He stood by Siraj at all difficult times. It was very difficult for Siraj to listen to the news of his father. He could not handle himself after hearing this and kept crying. He wanted to return for his father’s funeral but his brother Mohammad Ismail gave him courage and asked him to focus on his game.

In a special interview with a media institute, Ismail said, ‘Siraj was selected in the Indian Test team touring Australia after a good performance in the IPL, after which he was very happy. Calling his father, he said that I am going to Australia, but what did he know that he will never be able to meet him when he comes back. The team is going on 14 days of segregation, if he comes back, he will have to be quarantined for 14 days. Abbu’s dream was to brighten the name of the country.

Ismail told that, ‘Team coach Ravi Shastri and captain Virat Kohli are constantly supporting him. I am in constant contact with him on the phone. He cries just remembering Abbu. Siraj needs support right now. This time is very delicate for him. He has promised me that he will come and win the Test series in Australia for Abbu after a great performance in the series.

Saurav Ganguly, the head of the BCCI and former captain of the Indian team, tweeted saluting Mohammed Siraj’s decision not to go to India, tweeting, ‘Mohammed Siraj gets the strength to face this situation. I wish him all the best for his success on this tour.


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