Mohammed Shami thought of suicide 3 times, had made up his mind to leave the world


New Delhi: Team India’s fast bowler Mohammed Shami is making a splash in the world of cricket, but there was a time when he had made up his mind to say goodbye to this world. This period was very difficult for Shami, but he did not stop struggling.

Thought of suicide came 3 times

Mohammed Shami made a surprising disclosure in the year 2020. Shami had told that he intended to commit suicide 3 times in his life because he was facing many problems simultaneously. There was a rift in his relationship with wife Hasin Jahan. He was also worried about his daughter.

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Shami’s pain spilled in front of Rohit

Mohammed Shami said during an Instagram chat with Rohit Sharma, ‘I was injured in the 2015 World Cup. After that it took me 18 months to make a comeback in the team and that was the toughest tour of my life. He said, ‘You know how difficult rehab is.’

problems in personal life

Mohammed Shami further said, ‘After that family issues also came to the fore, then I had an accident about 10-12 days before the IPL. A lot was going on in the media about my personal life too. Shami told that he was successful in fighting all these things because he got full support of his family.

Shami went through tough times

Mohammed Shami said, ‘I feel that if I did not get the support of my family, I would have quit cricket. I thought of committing suicide 3 times. Someone from my family had to sit beside me to keep an eye on me. My house was on the 24th floor and they thought that I should not jump from the apartment.

Shami got family support

Mohammed Shami finally said that when you have your family with you, you can overcome any situation. He told that if my family was not with me at that time then I would have taken some bad step and I thank him that he was with me.


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