Mohammed Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan’s post created a ruckus, people trolled fiercely


New Delhi: The dispute between Team India’s star pacer Mohammed Shami and his wife Hasin Jahan is not hidden from anyone. Couldn’t happen. Where Haseen keeps making headlines from time to time and has done something similar this time too.

Haseen Jahan got trolled badly

Hasin Jahan has shared a picture of herself on Instagram. Sharing this photo, he wrote in the caption, ‘Life doesn’t stop for anyone, so don’t care about anyone, life is worth passing and it will pass’.

After this post of Hasin Jahan, people have started trolling her badly. Regarding this caption of his, users are also making lewd comments on him keeping in mind Shami.

Shami and Haseen Jahan did not get divorced

Hasin Jahan has been living separately with her daughter for a long time due to a dispute with Mohammed Shami. The dispute between these two is going on for a long time. Let us tell you that there is no divorce between the two yet.

Shami-Hasin Jahan’s personal life had jumped in the media

Mohammed Shami and Hasin Jahan were married on 7 April 2014. After a few years, Shami’s wife had accused him of having relations with other women, as well as Haseen has also made serious allegations like rape on Shami.


After this a lot of news started coming about Hasin Jahan too. It was being said that in the year 2002, Haseen had fallen in love with a shopkeeper, whose name was Sheikh Saifuddin. At that time Haseen used to study in 10th class. Hasin Jahan went against the family and married Saifuddin in the same year, but this marriage could not last long. Haseen and Saifuddin got divorced in the year 2010. Haseen and Saifuddin also have 2 children, who live with their father.

After separating from Saifuddin, Haseen became a cheerleader in the year 2012 and during this time she and Mohammed Shami met for the first time. From the very first meeting, both of them started liking each other and started dating. However, after all these controversies, both of them are living separately.


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