MS Dhoni is the owner of crores but still there is no pride, these photos will be clear


New Delhi: Former India captain and one of the best captains in the world, Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni) is one of the richest players in the world. Dhoni’s earnings are in crores and he lives his life in a very luxurious way. But Dhoni, who earns big money, is a very grounded person and many times he is also seen doing such things which common people often do.

repair your bike yourself

MS Dhoni has been very fond of buying bikes since the beginning. Dhoni also has his own bike showroom in his house, in which he has kept his expensive bikes. Meanwhile, Dhoni is often seen repairing his bikes himself.

Dhoni gets his hair cut from the local barber

Dhoni (MS Dhoni), who earns crores every month, lives in a normal way, it can be gauged from the fact that instead of getting his hair cut in a big salon, he gets his hair cut by a local barber. Many such pictures of him keep going viral.

Dhoni also picks up drinks for the players

MS Dhoni is a very big player but still he is also seen carrying drinks on the field for young players many times. Dhoni is also seen giving tips to young players many times after the match.

Dhoni sleeps on the ground

MS Dhoni is often seen resting on the ground at the airport. Actually, whenever Team India goes to the airport, many times Dhoni lies down on the ground.

keep your fans happy

MS Dhoni always keeps his fans very happy too. Many times the fans jump into the ground to touch Dhoni’s feet and take selfies and Dhoni is also seen having fun with them.

seen riding a bicycle

MS Dhoni is often seen riding a bicycle on the road like ordinary people. Even after being such a big cricketer, Dhoni is not shy about doing these small things.


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