MS Dhoni was seen racing with a horse in a bold style, wife Sakshi Dhoni shared the video


New Delhi: Former Team India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni) is spending a lot of leisure time in his farm house in Ranchi these days. In Dhoni’s farm house, more than one horse is increasing the pride. Recently Dhoni has ordered a very special horse from Scotland. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni) has got a very beautiful white colored horse of Shetland pony breed from Scotland. Sakshi Dhoni has shared a video of Dhoni with this horse which is becoming increasingly viral.

Dhoni racing with horse

Sakshi Dhoni has shared a video of Dhoni (MS Dhoni) on his Instagram. In this video Dhoni is seen running with his new horse. In this video, Dhoni is seen in a black t-shirt and lower.

Seeing the video, it seems that Dhoni (MS Dhoni) is racing with his horse. Posting this video, Sakshi Dhoni wrote in the caption, ‘Strong, fast.’ This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media and fans are very fond of it.

The price of a horse will blow the senses

According to the information, the price of this particular horse imported from Scotland is in lakhs. The price of this horse in the international market is very high. You will be surprised to know that the age of this horse is about 2 years. This horse comes in the smallest breeds of the world. The height of this horse is about 3 feet. This horse does not have much speed, but due to its beauty, its price in the international market is very high.


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