MS Dhoni won everyone’s heart again, secretly donated so much money to the vendor


New Delhi: Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni) is famous for his success in cricket, as much as he makes a place in the hearts of people due to his noble deeds. But recently Dhoni has done another such thing, due to which more place will be made for him in your heart.

Dhoni did another noble deed

Recently a news has come out that Dhoni (MS Dhoni) had eaten gram from a handcart. After which he did not pay the money of that handcart. But later he did something that once again won everyone’s heart. Dhoni quietly went to that handcart and quietly left with 35 thousand rupees. The name of this handcart is also Mahendra.

Dhoni won hearts

This handcart has also given a very good statement about Dhoni (MS Dhoni). Talking to a YouTube channel, the vendor said, ‘Dhoni never ate gram on loan, he always eats gram by paying money. Although I should have met Dhoni, but he himself came and met me. Whenever he eats gram, he remembers me.

Dhoni has been eating gram for a long time

This gram also told that even when Dhoni (MS Dhoni) used to come to play cricket in Ranchi College grounds, he used to eat gram from him. The handcart told that Dhoni quietly left with 35 thousand rupees on my handcart. Later, there was a lot of crowd on the cart. Dhoni did not do any loan, but he had donated with his own pleasure.


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