Murli Kartik’s wife was abused by the audience, did not leave the dressing room


New Delhi: In the game of cricket, the audience sitting in the stadium is very important. These spectators die to support their team. Many times the noise of the people in the field changes the decision of the match. But many times it happens that the same audience gets into the discussion due to their bad behavior.

Murali Karthik told big incident

Former India spin bowler and famous commentator Murli Kartik has told people about a big incident. During a match, his wife left the field, upset by the audience sitting in the stands. Karthik, while talking on Ravichandran Ashwin’s YouTube channel, said that Karthik was playing against Somerset on behalf of Surrey during the 2012 county season. In this match, Karthik tried to dismiss Somerset batsman Alex Barrow from non-strike from Mankanding. The audience sitting on the field did not like it and they started making fun of Karthik as well as the captain of Surrey.

Wife left the field

Karthik (Murli Kartik) ‘s wife, who was sitting in the stand due to the bad behavior of the audience, got up from there. Karthik said, ‘My wife ran away from the field. He was badly threatened by the audience and even made fun of him. Not only this, he went to the dressing room behind them.

There was a ruckus on Ashwin’s mankading

Actually once Rav Ashwin (R Ashwin) in IPL also created a ruckus when he was bowling the batsman. Actually, during the IPL 2019, Ashwin was playing against the Rajasthan Royals on behalf of Punjab Kings. At that time, Rajasthan batsman Joss Butler was going out of his crease on non-strike and Ashwin dismissed him. After this incident, Ashwin was criticized everywhere.


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