Not India or UAE, this small country can host T20 World Cup


New Delhi: IPL 2021 (IPL 2021) was stopped midway due to the increasing outbreak of the second wave of corona virus in India. After the postponement of this big league, questions are also being raised on the organization of T20 World Cup to be held in India this year. ICC can also snatch the hosting of the World Cup from India.

Oman is ready

The hosting of the T20 World Cup can be snatched from India and given to any other country. The first name in this race comes from the UAE. But now even a small country playing cricket is ready to host it. This country is Oman. Oman is constantly assuring the ICC that it is ready to organize the big ICC tournament as well.

Oman has all the resources

The Oman Cricket Board says that if they get a chance, they are fully prepared for the event. Oman cricket chief Pankaj Khimji told the Times of India that the BCCI and the ICC need to take a decision on this issue first. But we would be happy to be a potential venue.

Let us tell you that Oman has now got permission from the ICC to host international cricket. His cricket board said that Oman has the means to organize the World Cup. There is also news that Oman can also be given the host of the T20 World Cup qualifiers.

IPL was also postponed

Let us tell you that IPL 2021 was postponed on 4 May due to increasing cases of corona virus. Players and staff members were constantly getting infected by this epidemic in the left-bubble of teams. In India too, the number of people infected with corona had crossed 4 lakh, but for some time less than 2 lakh corona cases are coming in the country. The remaining season of the IPL will be played in the UAE in September-October.


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