Olympics: American fencers started protesting against their own partner wearing pink masks, accused of rape


Tokyo: Three American male fencers who competed in the Tokyo Olympics wore pink masks, which raised questions in everyone’s mind. American fencers Jake Hoyle, Curtis McDonald and Yeiser Ramirez wore pink masks. Actually, these three fencers were protesting against their own team together by wearing pink masks.

American fencers started opposing their own partner

Sources close to the American fencers’ team told BuzzFeed News that the trio of Jake Hoyle, Curtis McDonald and Yeiser Ramirez had staged a protest against one of their teammates, Alain Hadjic. Ellen Hadjic is accused of sexual harassment.

was accused of rape

This matter is becoming quite viral on social media. Ellen Hadjic has been selected on the US fencers’ team to compete in the Tokyo Olympics despite three allegations of sexual harassment in the past, causing frustration and outrage among the US fencers’ team. The inclusion of Alain Hadjic led to six fencers, including two Olympic athletes, urging the International Olympic Committee not to allow them to represent the United States.

Hadjic denies the allegations

Ellen Hadjic has denied allegations of sexual harassment. Ellen Hadjic tells USA TODAY that’s not true. His lawyer, Michael Palma, told the New York Times that his client had never sexually assaulted him. USA Fencing did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the pink mask.


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