On the victory of Neeraj Chopra, Bhajji said such a thing, Gambhir said – this should not be said!


New Delhi: Indian athlete Neeraj Chopra has created history in the final of the javelin throw of the Tokyo Olympics. He has won a gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics. Neeraj captured the gold by covering the best distance of 87.58. While on one hand Neeraj illuminated the name of the whole country, a new debate has started on social media.

Gambhir did this tweet

After the victory of Neeraj Chopra, former India batsman Gautam Gambhir made a tweet. In this, he has posted a video of veteran spin bowler Harbhajan Singh. In fact, after Neeraj won the gold, Harbhajan while talking to a TV channel said, ‘This victory is bigger than the World Cup 2011 victory.’ Then while sharing this video, Gambhir said in a tweet, ‘It is true Harbhajan, but you should not have said that! You shouldn’t have said this. You should never have said that!’

Why did Gambhir say this?

Gambhir said this to Harbhajan because a few days ago when the Indian hockey team won the medal in the Olympics after 41 years, Gambhir also made a tweet, in which he said that this victory was won in 1983, 2007 and 2011 Cricket World Cup. is bigger than . After this tweet, people trolled him fiercely on social media.

Neeraj created history

Neeraj Chopra was at the forefront in the final of the Tokyo Olympics javelin throw. He has covered a distance of 87.03 meters in his very first attempt. In the second time, he covered a distance of 87.58. With this, he has thrown the javelin far beyond his qualification record. This is India’s first ever medal in Javelin Throw. Not only this, this is also India’s first gold medal in athletics.


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