Pak fan mocking Sourav Ganguly took a class, Kenya Bank gave a befitting reply


New Delhi: In cricket, whenever the teams of India and Pakistan come together on the field, the match is no less than a battle. There is also great resentment between the fans of both the countries. Although not on the field this time but a Pakistan fan has targeted the Indian cricketer.

Actually Sourav Ganguly, the former captain of Team India and the current President of BCCI, was trolled by a Pakistani fan. But it overshadowed him and that fan made his own joke.

Pakistani fan trolled Ganguly

On social media, a user named Waqar trolled Sourav Ganguly through the security protocols of the National Bank of Kenya. The user wrote, ‘I went to Bank of Kenya yesterday. The staff asked me for my fingerprint and mobile number. I asked why he has kept so much security. He said that a man named Sourav Ganguly has taken advantage of his weak bowling for years. I was shocked but not surprised.

Let us inform that while playing against Kenya, he has scored 588 runs in 10 innings with the help of 3 centuries and 2 half-centuries. With which the Pakistani user tried to make fun of him.

kenya bank gave a contract answer to a pakistani fan

After this the National Bank of Kenya did not remain calm. He tweeted and wrote, ‘Hello, we appreciate your humour. Sourav Ganguly was a great player. Tikolo was even better than him. And yes, one more thing. Kohli is greater than Babar’.

After this the user wrote, ‘According to his book, Virat Kohli is a bran. After which once again the bank gave a befitting reply to the user and wrote, ‘Absolutely right. That’s why no one has heard about this book.

Tweet went viral on social media

This conversation between the Kenya National Bank and a Pakistani fan went viral on social media and people started making memes on it.


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