PAK players spewing venom for each other, now Saeed Ajmal raging on Mohammad Amir


New Delhi: There is always a chaos in Pakistan cricket. The players here either criticize the board or keep fighting each other. Meanwhile, former Pakistan spinner Saeed Ajmal has strongly reprimanded Mohammad Amir, who is running in the news today.

Ajmal reprimanded Aamir

Please tell that Mohammad Amir had announced his retirement from cricket last year. Aamir had blamed the team management and coaching staff for taking his sudden retirement. Now Saeed Ajmal has been blamed on him for this. Talking to a YouTube channel, Ajmal said, ‘According to what he was saying, it seems that he has been misbehaved. But I do not know what happened between him and the team management.

Ajeed (Saeed Ajmal) further said, ‘He said that Misbah-ul-Haq and Waqar Younis will not play for Pakistan until they leave the post of head coach and bowling coach. He should not have said that. This is what happens to such players, as has happened with it.

‘Wrong to demand removal of coach’

Saeed Ajmal believes that the legendary players who demanded the removal of the legendary players from the post of Mohammad Amir were very wrong. He said, ‘It is not right for any player to say that he should remove the coach. Aamir should have focused on his performance before making such a demand and confirmed his place in the team. Ajmal also believes that Aamir’s decision to retire was quite wrong and he should not have taken such a hasty decision.

Pakistani management was accused

Mohammad Amir recently retired from cricket in December 2020. For this, Aamir had made deep allegations against the coaching staff of the Pakistani cricket team. He alleged that some of the team’s coaching staff do not want them to play further. Aamir said that the team management did not give him due respect, after which he had to leave cricket under compulsion. Aamir retired at the age of just 28.


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