PCB wants to call Team India to Pakistan, big statement given about Asia Cup


Karachi: Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ehsan Mani is optimistic about hosting Team India in the Asia Cup 2023 in 2023 and hopes that by then between the two neighboring countries Political relationships will improve

PCB chairman Ehsan Mani informed that Sri Lanka will host the Asia Cup in 2022 and thus ruled out the possibility of holding the continental tournament in June this year. Given.

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Ehsan Mani said, ‘Sri Lanka will host the Asia Cup in 2022 and Pakistan will host this regional tournament in 2023. I am optimistic that by then the political relations between the two countries will also improve and this will also pave the way for the Indian team to come to Pakistan.

In an interview given to the ‘Jang’ newspaper on Wednesday, he said, “There have been some positive signs in recent times and we hope that the relationship will improve.” Money said that if the Indian team visits their country then it will be a big success for Pakistan cricket.

Ehsan Mani also said that the Asia Cup 2021 is unlikely to be held as Pakistan will have no time due to the PSL 6 matches and Team India will also play the ICC World Test Championship final against New Zealand. I will be busy


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