Players who are in the grip of Corona Virus in bio-bubble too, will IPL 2021 be canceled now?


New Delhi: IPL 2021 is not taking the name of Coronavirus to wreak havoc. This dangerous virus has attacked the members of Chennai Super Kings after Kolkata Knight Riders. After the KKR players got infected, their match against RCB was also postponed today.

IPL can be canceled

Where more than 4 lakh cases of corona are coming every day in the whole country, now its danger is looming on the current IPL season as well. Corona rules are strictly followed in the IPL and despite this, the arrival of corona in a safe place like bio-bubble is a danger bell. If even after such strictness, players are getting hit by Corona, then what will be the meaning of this. People are now talking about banning this season of IPL. However, this decision is now in the hands of the BCCI whether it is necessary to organize the IPL even in such a difficult time, or it will be right to cancel it.

3 members of CSK got corona

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) CEO Kashi Viswanathan, bowling coach Laxmipathi Balaji and a bus cleaner Kovid-19 have been found positive in the test. Apart from this, all the franchisees who are currently in Delhi are negative. 3 Corona positive members were tested again on Monday morning, but there was no change in the result. These infected members will be kept outside the bio bubble in isolation for 10 days. Then only after 2 negative tests, these people will be able to connect with the team.

KKR also has 2 players positive

The match between KKR and RCB was postponed on Monday after two Kolkata Knight Riders players Varun Chakravarthy and Sandeep Warrier got positive in the Corona Virus Test. Has been done.


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