‘Please don’t ban me’, when Kohli had to plead in front of match referee


New Delhi: Virat Kohli adopts a very aggressive attitude on the cricket field. There have been occasions when he crossed all limits inside the field. Once, due to the wrong gesture of Virat Kohli on the cricket field, the match referee called him and then Kohli apologized to him and requested him not to be banned.

There was a ruckus over this act of Kohli

This incident is from the Indian team’s tour of Australia in the year 2012, when Virat Kohli showed the middle finger to the audience during the second Test match played in Sydney. Actually, Kohli was fielding on the boundary and during that time the fans of Australia were provoking him. Let us tell you that when someone sledges with Virat Kohli, Kohli also responds in the same language and his form is liked by the fans too.

Kohli had to plead in front of the match referee

Virat could not stop himself on the abuses of the audience and he showed the middle finger to the audience. After this Kohli came into the limelight. Kohli had mentioned this incident in the year 2018. Kohli had then said that after this incident in Sydney, he had gone to the match referee and requested not to impose any ban on him.

not to ban request

According to Times Now, Virat Kohli, referring to the incident, said that the match referee (Ranjan Madugalle) called me to his room the next day and I said, ‘What happened?’ He said what happened on the boundary yesterday?’ I said nothing, it was a bit of a joke. Then he threw the newspaper in front of me and my big picture was on the front page and I said forgive me. Please don’t ban me. After that I was released. Ranjan Madugalle is a good person and used to understand that I was young and these things keep happening.’


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