Rahul Dravid gives important advice to include T20 cricket in Olympics


new Delhi: Former captain of the Indian cricket team Rahul Dravid has advocated the inclusion of cricket in the Olympics. There are discussions to include T20 cricket in the Olympics. The ICC also conducted a survey about it in 2018, in which 87 percent of the fans said that they want to see cricket happening in the Olympics.

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However, the BCCI is not keen on sending its team to the Olympics. Cricket was also included in the 2010 and 2014 Asian Games, but the BCCI did not send its team.

Former India captain Rahul Dravid said, ‘I think it will be fantastic if cricket becomes an Olympic sport because there are 75 countries where T20 cricket is played. Obviously, there will be challenges along with it.

He said, ‘We saw recently, the secret of IPL success was the pitches on which matches were played. If you can provide facilities properly, why not? I am ready to expand T20 cricket. If it can be included in the program, cricket should come to the Olympics if possible. It will take some time’


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