Rahul Dravid took command of Team India for Sri Lanka tour, gave such a reaction


New Delhi: National Cricket Academy (NCA) director Rahul Dravid said that when he was the coach of India’s Under-19 and ‘A’ level teams, he made sure that every player on tour gets a chance to play matches, unlike his time. I didn’t have that.

Dravid took command of Team India

The credit goes to Dravid for nurturing India’s young talent. He will now coach India’s limited overs team touring Sri Lanka next month. Shikhar Dhawan will lead this team. Dravid no longer goes with India A and Under-19 teams, but it was he who started it so that every player going on tour should get a chance to play the match.

Dravid gave such a reaction as soon as he became the coach

According to ESPNcricinfo, ‘I used to tell them in advance that if you come with me on ‘A’ team tour, then you will not leave without playing a match from here. When I used to play at the junior level, I had my own experiences. It used to be very bad to go on ‘A’ team tour and not get a chance to play matches. He said, ‘You do well. You score 700-800 runs. You go with the team and you don’t get a chance to show your ability there. After that you have to score those 800 runs again in the next season to grab the attention of the selectors.

It’s not easy to get a chance for everyone

Dravid said, ‘It is not easy to do this, so there is no guarantee that you will get a chance again. So you have to tell the players in the beginning that these are the best 15 players and we will play with them. Even if it’s not the best XI. At the U-19 level, we can make five-six changes between matches.

Indian cricketers are now considered the fittest in the world

Dravid said Indian cricketers are now considered the fittest in the world, but there was a time when they did not have the necessary fitness knowledge and were jealous of the more agile Australian and South African players. Now that Dravid is the head of the National Cricket Academy, he is playing a key role in grooming the next generation of cricketers.


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