Rameez Raja gets punishment for speaking in favor of India, complaint filed with PM!


New Delhi: Former Pakistan cricketer Rameez Raja is often in the news for his sharp statements on the Pakistani cricket team. Although Rameez also praises Indian cricketers a lot. Rameez is often seen praising Indian cricketers on his YouTube channel. Now Rameez is being heavily criticized for this.

Rameez Raja criticized

Former Pakistan fast bowler Sarfraz Nawaz says that Rameez Raja should not be made the head of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) as he made objectionable remarks against Pakistan while speaking in favor of India. According to the Dawn report, Sarfaraz has written a letter to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan asking him to appoint either Zaheer Abbas or Majid Khan as the next chairman of the PCB.

Punishment for speaking in favor of India

Sarfraz wrote in the letter, ‘It is reported in the media that with your consent it has been decided to remove Ehsan Mani for PCB chairman and appoint Raja. In this regard, there is no doubt that as the Chief Patron of the PCB, you have the right to appoint anyone as the PCB Chairman.

“While taking a decision about any individual, the custodian of the national institution must also be aware of the kind of mentality the king has and has shown a great deal of criticism against Pakistan in recent times while speaking in favor of India,” he said. Made derogatory remarks. Sarfaraz said, ‘While you are the appropriate person to make this decision, but in my humble opinion the highly respected veteran Majid, who had excellent relations with all ICC Board members in the past, or Zaheer Abbas who is the former ICC President, should be appointed as the next Chairman. may be appointed.


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