Ravi Shastri broke his silence for the first time, made this comment about his book launch


New Delhi: The last match of the recently concluded Test series between Team India and England could not be completed due to Corona virus. In fact, the head coach of the Indian team, Ravi Shastri and other members of the sports staff were hit by Corona. After which Shastri was being held responsible for the cancellation of this series. However, now Ravi Shastri has broken his silence on this matter.

Shastri gave this statement

India head coach Ravi Shastri said that he does not regret holding his book launch event, which is being blamed for the spread of COVID-19 infection in the Indian team, leading to the cancellation of the fifth Test against England in Manchester. lay. Shastri, fielding coach R Sridhar, bowling coach Bharat Arun and physio Nitin Patel were found infected during the Oval Test and the match was controversially canceled when junior physio Yogesh Parmar tested positive ahead of the fifth Test in Manchester. India was then leading 2-1 in the series.

The mask was not applied in the book launch

According to reports, the people who attended the book launch ceremony were not wearing masks. Shastri said in an interview to ‘The Guardian’, ‘I am not sorry at all because the people I met at that ceremony were wonderful. It was also good for boys to go out and meet different people instead of being confined to their rooms constantly.

He said, ‘In the Oval Test, you were climbing the stairs which were used by 5000 people. Then why is the finger being pointed at the book launch? But I was not worried. There were around 250 people in the party and no one got infected because of that party.

It was like this in quarantine

Regarding the time spent in the quarantine, Shastri said, ‘It was wonderful because in 10 days I did not have any symptoms other than a sore throat. I never got a fever and my oxygen level was at 99 percent all the time. I did not take any medicine in these 10 days. Didn’t even take a paracetamol (fever medicine). I told the boys that once they test positive it is 10 days flu and nothing else.

Book launch not infected

With the cancellation of the fifth Test, the book launch got more attention of the people. Shastri said, ‘I did not get infected at the book launch party as it was on 31 August and my test came positive on 3 September. It cannot happen in three days. I think I got infected in Leeds. Everything was opened in England on 19 July. People started coming to the hotels, the use of lifts started. There was no restriction of any kind.



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