Rishabh Pant learns important lessons from mistakes, takes tips from these star seniors for a better game


Nottingham: Team India’s wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant is happy that he has seen many ups and downs in his short international career so far. This helped him to grow as a player as he learned many lessons from his mistakes.

That Six of Trent Bridge

Rishabh Pant, who recently recovered from Coronavirus, is set to play his 22nd Test match for India at the same ground (Trent Bridge) on which he made his first impression in Test matches by hitting a long six in 2018. had left.

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‘Learn more at a young age’

Rishabh Pant told ‘BCCI.TV’ on Saturday, ‘It has been a wonderful journey because at the very beginning of my career I saw many ups and downs. As a cricketer, you grow, learn from your mistakes, improve yourself and come back and perform well.

lessons learned from mistakes

Rishabh Pant said, ‘I am happy that I learned from my mistakes and after that I took advantage of whatever opportunity I got. I’m happy.’ Pant said that he tries to learn from all the top cricketers to become a better player.

Takes tips from Rohit-Virat

Rishabh Pant said, ‘I talk to Rohit bhai a lot like about the game what we did in the last match and what we can do in the next matches. What can I add to my game? I also take technical knowledge from Virat bhai. Especially about the game behind and behind the wicket while playing England. He wants to learn from everyone to become a better player.

Shastri-Ashwin helps

Rishabh Pant said, ‘I also talk to Ravi bhai (Shastri) a lot because he has played a lot of cricket around the world. When Ash bhai (Ashwin) is bowling, he knows what the intentions of the batsman are. So as a batsman I can talk to the bowler about what he is thinking. As a player, I want to learn from everyone.


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