Robin Uthappa made shocking disclosure, Shoaib Akhtar threatened to throw ‘deadly ball’


New Delhi: Strong cricket between India and Pakistan (IND vs PAK) is not a new thing in the field of cricket. The competition between these 2 teams is not less than any battle. This is the reason that such stories come out from these matches which thrills.

Meeting Shoaib at dinner

One such incident dealt with the Indian cricketer Robin Uthappa when former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar tried to intimidate him with the ‘deadly beamer’ in 2007. Uthappa said that Shoaib met him at dinner on the eve of the fourth ODI in Gwalior in November 2007.

Shoaib threatened Uthappa

Robin Uthappa told ‘Wake up with Sohrab’ YouTube channel- ‘I remember that the attackers had dinner together. Shoaib Bhai was also present there, he came to me and said Robin, ‘Achhe Khele Tum (in the first ODI of Guwahati), Good Game.’ One more thing you came forward and hit my ball. If you do this again, I don’t know what will happen again. You will find a beamer directly on your head. Uthappa said, “Then I did not dare to do it again.”

Uthappa was at the crease with Irrfan

Recalling the altercation from Akhtar, Uthappa said, ‘We were playing the game in Guwahati, because it is in the eastern part of India, so it gets dark early there. At that time, 2 new balls were not used for ODIs. After 34 overs, we used to use the ball from which 24 overs have been bowled, but it used to be a bit better. India was close to victory in this match, when Uthappa and Irfan Pathan were at the crease.

‘Shoaib throws Yorker ball’

Robin Uthappa said, Shoaib was bowling and Irfan and I were batting. Maybe we needed 12 runs from 25 balls to win. I remember they threw me the yorker, I missed it, showing me that the ball was coming straight into the blockhole.

‘Shoaib’s ball hit’

Uthappa further said, ‘I stopped the boss. It was around 154 km per hour. The next ball was a full-toss and I hit it for 4 runs. After that we needed 3 or 4 runs and I told myself, man, I should move towards Shoaib Akhtar and hit. How many times will I get such an opportunity. He threw a length ball and I did the same, the ball went from the edge for 4 runs and we won the match. Significantly, India captured this ODI series 3-2.


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