Rohit Sharma opened the secret, made this tremendous change in the batting to stay on the pitch of England


Nottingham: India’s star opener Rohit Sharma has revealed that he has made drastic changes in his batting to stay on the England pitch. Rohit Sharma has said that he has learned to play the ball close to the body and use the crease to be successful in the face of dangerous swing bowling in England.

Rohit made a tremendous change in his batting

Rohit said, ‘You have to change a lot to survive on the England pitch and that is something that I have also done. When the ball swings, there are a lot of technical aspects of your game which you need to use as an opener. It is never easy to play in these conditions, but you always challenge yourself as a batsman in difficult situations. I am trying to do the same.

Tried this method on the pitch of England

Rohit said, ‘I have also made some changes in my technique. I am not trying to move around in the crease, I am trying to stay as still as possible while keeping the bat close to the body. Rohit was dismissed for 36 for playing a pull shot after facing difficult conditions to bat. He defended this shot and said that if the ball remained within his reach, he would play the shot.

Rohit said this on playing a bad shot

After sharing 97 runs for the first wicket with Lokesh Rahul, Rohit was dismissed after playing his favorite pull shot off the short pitch ball of Ollie Robinson. Sam Curran took his catch near the boundary line. He said, ‘Like you said this is my favorite shot, so I have to play the shot, we did not get any bad deliveries in the first hour of the game and their bowlers were very disciplined.’

Anderson pushes India on the back foot

Due to poor light and rain, only 33.4 overs were played in the day, in which India scored 125 for four in their first innings. Under the leadership of fast bowler James Anderson, England took four wickets within 15 runs to push India on the back foot. India are 58 runs behind England’s 183 runs.


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