Rohit Sharma’s wedding ring was lost after a new marriage, then Virat did this work


New Delhi: Team India’s hitman and world’s best opening batsman Rohit Sharma is as famous for his game as he is in the discussion about his funny behavior. Rohit is often seen joking with journalists in press conferences. Meanwhile, we are going to tell you a funny anecdote of Rohit’s love life.

forgot the ring in the hotel

After his marriage, Rohit had once forgotten his wedding ring in the hotel itself. Team India players have already told this thing that Rohit has a habit of forgetting some things. A few years ago, in the YouTube show Breakfast With Champions, Rohit had told that after the new marriage, he had forgotten his ring in the hotel room itself.

He said, ‘There was a new marriage, man and there was no habit of wearing it. So I took him out to sleep. I have a bad habit that I wake up late in the morning and run to the airport. I always used to tell the players of my team that before going to the airport, they should either knock on my door or give me a call. But nothing like this happened that day and I hurriedly ran for the airport.

Virat has made a big issue

Rohit Sharma had made a big issue and told everyone about Rohit forgetting his wedding ring. He said, ‘Umesh Yadav passed by me and he had his wedding ring in his hand. So I remembered my ring and I said, ‘Dude my ring’. I told Bhajju pa (Harbhajan Singh) ‘There was a person who knew you in the hotel, tell him, maybe I will get my ring.’ Then Virat Kohli made that matter a big issue among everyone.

Ritika was married in 2015

After the breakup with Sofia, Rohit’s heart came on Ritika Sajdeh. The meeting of Rohit and Ritika was professional, but later they became friends. Later in December 2015, both of them got married. After this the couple gave birth to a daughter, whose name is Adara. The pair of Ritika and Rohit is very famous in the cricket world.



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