Sachin Tendulkar made a shocking disclosure, ’12 years of career passed in tension’


New Delhi: Sachin Tendulkar (Sachin Tendulkar) achieved many successes in his long career of more than 2 decades and made many world records of batting, but this journey was not easy for the master blaster. He has made a shocking disclosure about his career.

24 years career

Sachin Tendulkar said on Sunday that he spent a major part of his 24-year career under stress. He later managed to understand that stress was an important part of his preparation before the match.

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How to deal with bio bubble?

Talking about the impact on players’ mental health by spending more time in bio-bubble during Coronavirus Pandemic, Master Blaster said that its acceptance is necessary to deal with it.

‘There was tension before the match’

In a discussion organized by ‘Unacademy’, Sachin Tendulkar said, ‘Over time I realized that in addition to preparing physically for the game, you have to prepare yourself mentally as well. In my mind, the match used to start long before I entered the field. The level of stress was very high.

’10-12 years of career passed in tension’

The only former player to score a century in international cricket said, ‘I felt stressed for 10-12 years, there were many times before the match when I did not know how to sleep at night. Later I started accepting that this is part of my preparation. Over time, I accepted that I used to have trouble sleeping at night. I used to do something else to keep my mind comfortable. He said that this ‘something else’ included batting practice, watching TV and playing video games, as well as making morning tea.

Tea was made to relieve tension

The great player, who took retirement in 2013 after playing a record 200 Test matches, said, ‘I also used to help myself prepare for the game by making tea, ironing clothes before the match. My brother taught me all this, I used to prepare my bag a day before the match and it became a habit. I did the same in my last match for India.

‘Players have difficulties’

Tedulkar said that the player has to face difficult times but it is important that he accepts the bad times. He said, ‘When you are injured, the doctors or physio treat you, it is the same in the case of mental health. It is normal for anyone to face good and bad times.

Solution finding advice

Sachin Tendulkar said, ‘For this you have to accept things. This is not only for the players but also applies to whoever is with him. When you accept it, then you try to find a solution to it.

Interesting story happened in Chennai

Referring to a hotel worker in Chennai, Sachin said that anyone can learn from anyone. He told, ‘An employee in my room brought the dosa and after putting it on the table, he gave me a suggestion. He told me that because of my elbow guard, my bat was not moving completely, it was indeed a true fact. He helped me get rid of this problem.


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