Sachin Tendulkar urges Saeed Ajmal not to bowl, big pak player’s statement


New Delhi: Pakistani players often remain in the news due to their blatant statements. Due to the statements of these players, many times people make fun of them. But no fan can think that any Pakistani bowler has appealed to the cricket god Sachin Tendulkar not to bowl well.

Ajmal’s big statement

Former Pakistan spin bowler Saeed Ajmal has given a big statement. Ajmal told that Tendulkar (Sachin Tendulkar) had once appealed to him not to bowl well. This incident happened during 2014. At that time a charity match was going on at the Lord’s ground in England. In fact, in a match played on the 200th anniversary of Lord’s ground, there was a competition between the teams of Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne. Talking about this match, Ajmal said that when he had taken many wickets, Sachin came running to him and reminded him that this is just a charity match, not to become too serious.

Sachin appealed

Sachin Tendulkar reminded Ajmal (Saeed Ajmal) that this is a friendly match and we have to collect more and more funds from it. Ajmal said, ‘It was a friendly match. Players had to spend time on the field because the longer the match went on, the more funds would be collected. At the start of the match, I took four wickets in just four overs. Then Sachin came to me and said that Saeed bhai, this is a charity match, there is no need to play this match very serially.

Sachin asked to prolong the match

Actually, the ground was full of people in that match, and Sachin (Sachin Tendulkar) wanted that match to be prolonged. Ajmal (Saeed Ajmal) further said, ‘Sachin told me this match is for the people. People have come here to enjoy it and eat and drink. This match does not have to end before 6:30. Then I told him that I am bowling well just to be positive. Sachin again said that this is true but it is a charity match and we have to collect funds. So enjoy the match.


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