Sachin Tendulkar was eating his favorite vada pav, then an unwanted guest arrived


new Delhi: Master Hungar Sachin Tendulkar (Sachin Tendulkar) had the same hunger to run, the same hunger is also to eat different types of dishes. Many times he has shared his photo on social media even while preparing the dish himself. But this time when the God of cricket was preparing to eat by making vada pav, then such an unwanted guest reached there, whose photo he had to share on social media.

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Sachin shared cat’s photo
In fact, like any common Mumbaikar, Vada Pav is one of the favorites of Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin himself has said this while sharing his photo while preparing Vada Pav on Instagram. Along with this, he has also shared a photo of that unknown guest, who was hiding in the wall and was eyeing Sachin’s Vada Pav. This unknown guest was a black cat, who according to Sachin was demanding Vada Pav from him. However, Sachin did not say in his post whether he fed the cat to Vada Pav or not.

Harbhajan Singh also asked for Vada Pav with Sachin
After sharing the photo of Sachin Tendulkar preparing Vada Pav, he also got an order. In fact, Sachin’s old partner in Team India and veteran off-spinner Harbhajan Singh (Harbhajan Singh) was filled with water after seeing Sachin’s Vada Pav and he demanded to prepare one for himself as well. Sachin also did not break Bhajji’s heart and immediately asked him when to tell him what to eat.

Rahane said he will eat as soon as he returns to Mumbai
As soon as Harbhajan was asked to eat on behalf of Sachin, Indian batsman Ajinkya Rahane also requested Sachin to eat a vada pav. Rahane said that it looks delicious, Paji, I am dying here. On coming back to Mumbai, I will come for a try. 8.21 lakh people have liked this post of Sachin.


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