Sandpaper Gate: After Bancroft’s revelations, David Saker said, ‘a lot of people can be blamed’


Melbourne: In the year 2018, Cameron Bancroft made a big disclosure in the case of ball tampering in a Test match played between South Africa and Australia (SA vs AUS) in Cape Town. Since then, the sword of inquiry has been hanging on Australian players.

Recently Cameron Bancroft reported that Australian bowlers were aware of the incident of ball tempering. After this, now former Australian bowling coach David Saker has given his opinion on this matter.

David Saker said on ball tempering

David Saker did not say anything openly about the ball tampering case in 2018, but his talk suggests that many players may be trapped if the matter is investigated again and this time it is not known that this time the investigation What will come out

Sekar told the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’, ‘Certainly many things went wrong at that time. For this, fingers were constantly being raised. A lot of people can be blamed. I can also be blamed. It can be anyone else. It could have been stopped but it did not happen which was unfortunate ‘.

He said that this incident will always be related to Australian cricket and no one can do anything in it.

Sekar said, ‘You can point a finger at me, you can point a finger at Boof (then coach Darren Leaman). You can point fingers at other people. Surely you can do that.

He said, ‘I do not know what will come out in the investigation this time. It is unfortunate that this will never leave the chase. We all know that we have made a big mistake. Its impact was not known until it was revealed ‘.

May be investigated again

After the new disclosure of Bancroft (Cricket), Cricket Australia is ready to re-investigate the matter. In a conversation with Fox Cricket, Cricket Australia’s Nick Hawley made this statement. He said, ‘Cricket Australia has clearly said that if anyone has any information about the 2018 Cape Town Test match, they should come forward and tell it. The investigation that took place at that time was very thorough. Since then, no one had given such new information that could raise questions on the investigation.


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