Sandpaper Gate: Fanie de Villiers slammed Australian bowlers, saying it is impossible for them not to know the plot


Johannesburg: Former South African fast bowler Fanie de Villiers has said that it is entirely impossible that Australian bowlers were not aware of the ball tampering case during the Cape Town Test against South Africa in 2018.

Australian batsman Cameron Bancroft recently made a big disclosure. He said that the Australian bowlers also knew about the ball tampering incident. After his statement, this matter has once again come to the fore.

De Villiers lambasted Australian bowlers

De Villiers told The Indian Express, ‘It is completely impossible that the bowlers did not know what was going on with the ball. You are the person who is watching it, you are the person who is cleaning it, you are the person who really knows that one side is looking at the (ball) and the other side because of the grass on the wicket It does not look. This is absolutely rubbish ‘.

Fanie de Villiers, who has taken 180 wickets in 18 Tests and 83 ODIs for South Africa, further said that the Australian system did not see the matter well.

He said, ‘I think he was certainly aware of this and the Australian system did not see the matter well from the beginning. They should have solved it differently and they should have gone to the bottom of everyone. It was a joint effort and the coach knew about it. Everyone knew in the system because you do not hide these things in the team first, and the second thing is that it is impossible for a mere bowler to know.

Explain that Fanie de Villiers was part of the commentary team in that match and alerted the television crew, which led to Cameron Bancroft being caught on camera using an alien object on the ball.

Australian bowlers gave clarification

Four Australian bowlers — Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Nathan Lyon and Josh Hazlewood — have issued a joint statement saying they had no information about the ball tampering case during the third Test against South Africa in Cape Town in 2018.

Cummins, Stark, Lyon and Hazelwood were part of the Australian XI in the test of ball tempering. The statement of these four comes after the statement of Australian batsman Cameron Bancroft, in which Bancroft recently said that the bowlers have already known about the ball tempering scheme during the Test series in South Africa. was.


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