Sandpaper Gate: Michael Clarke does not trust Australian bowlers, said- these players were aware of the conspiracy


Melbourne: Australian batsman Cameron Bancroft recently made a big disclosure. He said that the Australian bowlers also knew about the ball tampering incident. In this case, the Kangaroo bowlers defended themselves.

However, former captain Michael Clarke is not happy with the cleanliness of the Australian bowlers.

Michael Clarke raised questions

Michael Clarke said that the four bowlers prepared the statement very efficiently but they forgot the important point that their involvement in the matter was not indicated by any outsider but by teammates.

Clarke maintains his statement that the bowler, who was a member of the team, was aware of the conspiracy to tamper with the ball in the Test match played against South Africa in Cape Town. Clarke said that his statement did not mention Cameron Bancroft, the main protagonist of the incident, and David Sacker, the former bowling coach of the Australian team.

Clarke rages again

Clarke told ‘Sky Sports’ radio,’ When I reacted to Cameron Bancroft’s comment, I knew that it would offend some people. He said, ‘This comment of mine was certainly not personal especially as far as the four bowlers are concerned who are very good friends of mine’. Bancroft had claimed in an interview recently that the team’s bowlers were probably aware of the conspiracy. On this, Cricket Australia offered to investigate again, after which Bancroft retracted his statement.

Clarke said, ‘Many people, former players, journalists made comments based on the statements of Cameron Bancroft and bowling coach David Sakar. After seeing the joint statement I think it is really important. He said, ‘One thing that is different for me in this statement is that they forgot why such comments were made. It was based on the remarks of his partner Cameron Bancroft who was involved in the incident and was based on the statement of David Sakar who was then the bowling coach of the team ‘.

Clarke said, “These bowlers and Cricket Australia need to remember why this issue arose.” You should have mentioned your current partner, who was there at the time and who committed the crime and your bowling coach who was there at that time. You left both of them ‘.

Let us know that Australian bowlers Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood and Nathan Lyon became part of the controversy when Bancroft recently indicated that he was informed of the conspiracy. After this, these four bowlers issued a statement saying that they were unaware of it.

These 4 members of the Cape Town bowling unit wrote in their shared statement, ‘In service, the Australian public, we are proud of our sincerity, it is disappointing to see some truths by some journalists and old players on our truths recently. Questions have been raised in days, referring to the 2018 Cape Town Test. We have answered the questions related to this issue many times.


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