Seeking help by posting a photo of torn shoes, this cricketer will have a huge, career may be in danger


Harare: Recently, Zimbabwean batsman Ryan Burl shared a picture of torn shoes on social media, drawing attention to the crumbling of the cricket board of his own country. Ryan Burl, through his tweet, demanded sponsorship for the Zimbabwe Cricket Team.

Ryan Burl’s career may be in danger

The Zimbabwe Cricket Board is extremely upset by Ryan Burl’s tweet. The Zimbabwe Cricket Board is set to take big action on Ryan Burl. The Zimbabwe board may take disciplinary action against them. Due to this, the international career of Ryan Burl can also be affected.

Zimbabwe board extremely upset by Burl’s tweet

Zimbabwean journalist Adam Theo tweeted that some people in Zimbabwean cricket are angry with Ryan Burl’s tweet. He wrote, ‘I have been told that there are some people in the Zimbabwe Cricket Board who are angry with Ryan. They feel that this has spoiled the image of the board.

Adam Theo wrote, ‘These members are demanding disciplinary action against Ryan. This will be a very tough step for Zimbabwean cricket. Action can be taken against them from behind closed doors. He might be thrown out of the team. I hope to prove myself wrong.

What was the whole matter?

Ryan Burl shared the picture of the torn shoes on social media and demanded sponsorship for the Zimbabwe Cricket Team. Burl’s appeal worked. Puma, one of the top footwear manufacturers, reacted to this and promised sponsorship. When some cricket boards are earning millions of dollars from sponsorship, Burl tweeted, “Is there any possibility that we will get a sponsor so that we don’t have to stick our shoes after every series”.

Puma gave confidence

Reacting to Burley’s tweet, Puma Cricket wrote on the social media platform, “The time has come to throw away the glue, we will help you.” The 27-year-old left-handed middle-order batsman has played three Tests, 18 ODIs and 25 T20 Internationals for Zimbabwe. He has tweeted a picture of his shoes, glue and some accessories to fix it.

Zimbabwe cricket going through ups and downs

The country has failed to produce players such as the Flower brothers Andy and Grant, Alastair Campbell, Dave Haughton, Heath Streak and Neil Johnson. These players achieved considerable success representing Zimbabwe. The International Cricket Council suspended the country’s cricket board in 2019 due to government intervention and also barred the team from participating in the T20 World Cup qualifier last year. However, Zimbabwe was later restored. Pakistan recently won the T20 series 2–1 in Zimbabwe apart from sweeping the two-Test series.


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