Sehwag had married his own relative, gave heart to Aarti at the age of 7


New Delhi: Nowadays cricketers have a huge fan-following. In the age of social media, it has become easy for fans to continuously track their superstars. Especially, the audience is always interested in the personal life of these players. They are curious to know about their love affairs and marriage. Among these, the marriages of many cricket players are unique, because they have chosen a bride from their kinship or a particular familiar house. Virender Sehwag has been such a player.

This relationship was in Sehwag-Aarti even before marriage

Virender Sehwag met his wife Aarti Ahlawat for the first time when he was just 7 years old. Aarti’s aunt was married to Sehwag’s cousin, according to which both the families got tied in the relationship. Aarti’s elder sister had told in an interview that Virender Sehwag and Aarti were married in the family. It was love marriage. Our aunt (papa’s sister) was married to his cousin in Sehwag’s family. After this marriage, there was a relationship of brother-in-law between Virendra and our aunt.

Sehwag-Aarti’s two children

Sehwag and Aarti got married in the year 2004. Now they have been married for 17 years. Aarti and Virender Sehwag are parents to two children, Aryaveer and Vedant. The special thing is that Sehwag was married in the official bungalow of former BJP veteran Arun Jaitley. In 2002, Sehwag jokingly asked Aarti to marry, Aarti replied with great seriousness and said yes to the marriage. Veeru himself told this thing during an interview.

Papad has to be rolled to get love

Veeru was ready for marriage, while Aarti was also ready. But Sehwag took a long time to convince his family. In an interview, Sehwag had said that, ‘We do not have marriages in close kinship in our family. Even for our marriage, the parents were not ready, it took some time, but they agreed for the marriage. It was very difficult for him to agree to this marriage.

Many people in the house were not happy with the marriage

Aarti told that there were many such people in our house who were not happy with this marriage. It was not that they were the only people of my house, many people from Veeru’s family were also angry with this marriage. But in front of Veeru and Aarti’s relationship, the family gave up and in April 2004, both of them got married. They have two sons, Aryaveer and Vedant.


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