Shakib Al Hasan got trapped after misbehaving with umpire, people punished this


New Delhi: One of the best all-rounders in the world, Shakib Al Hasan of Bangladesh has been caught in a new controversy due to his bad behavior. During a match of Dhaka Premier League, Shakib fought with the on-field umpire, not only that in anger, he uprooted the stumps. After which people on social media took out a lot of anger on him.

Shakib misbehaved during the match

Actually, a match is being played between Mohammedan Sporting Club and Abhani Limited in Dhaka Premier League 2021 (DPL). In this match, Shakib Al Hasan lost his temper in anger not once but twice. In this match, Shakib came out to bowl and in his very first over, he appealed to the umpire to dodge Mushfiqur Rahim but the umpire refused. After which Shakib got angry and kicked the stump.

Not only this, Shakib once again showed anger in this match, and came shouting at the umpire. After which in anger he uprooted the stumps with his hands and threw them on the field. Shakib’s attitude was very bad.

furious fans

For this bad behavior from Shakib Al Hasan’s umpire, now he has to hear a lot from people on Twitter. People are lashing out at him on social media. People have given different reactions to his behavior.

Shakib later apologized

Shakib Al Hasan has apologized for the incident on Twitter. He tweeted, ‘Dear fans and well wishers, I apologize to all those who have been hurt by my behavior in today’s match. It is not desirable at all from an experienced cricketer like me, but sometimes it happens in the tense atmosphere of the match. I apologize to all the teams, all the officials involved in the tournament and the organizing committee for such mistake. I hope I will not do this kind of work in future. love all’.


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