Shane Bond makes Jasprit Bumrah ‘dangerous’, helps her become the best


New Delhi: India’s star fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah is one of the best fast bowlers in the world right now. The biggest batsman of the world is afraid to face Bumrah. No player has the answer to their dangerous yorker balls.

Shane Bond helped

Meanwhile, Jasprit Bumrah said that former New Zealand fast bowler and currently Mumbai Indians (MI) bowling coach Shane Bond played a key role in improving his career. Bumrah will lead Indian bowling against New Zealand in the World Test Championship (WTC) final next month.

Jasprit Bumrah said in the video released by MI, ‘I always try to talk to him, even when I am with the Indian team. So it has been a good journey and hopefully every year I will continue to learn and try to add some new things to my bowling. Bumrah said, ‘He (Bond) played an important role in it. It has been a very good relationship so far and it is expected that it will remain strong in the coming years as well.

First met in 2015

He said that he used to be thrilled about his bowling when he played Bond (Shane Bond) and tries to talk to Bond even when he is playing for India. Bumrah said, ‘I first met him in 2015. When I was younger, I used to watch him bowling and I was thrilled to see him bowling. It was a good experience when I met him here. He helped me with many things that I can try on the cricket ground. Therefore, it is a very good relationship which is becoming stronger as time progresses.

Bond also praised

Bond (Shane Bond) has also named Bumrah as the best bowler of death overs in the world. New Zealand’s left-arm fast bowler and Bumrah’s partner in Mumbai Indians, Trent Boult, praised the Indian bowler.


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