Shane Warne’s pole exposed in front of the whole world! Wants new girlfriends at the age of 51


New Delhi: As much as the players who play cricket are famous for their game, the more they remain in the discussion about their personal life. Meanwhile, a new thing has also been heard about Australia’s legendary spin bowler Shane Warne. Now a friend of his has made a big statement about Warne, who is often in big controversies.

want to make warn girlfriend

Warne, who often likes to be among women, is now in discussion about a new thing. Actually Triple M Sydney radio host Lawrence Mooney has made many revelations about Warne. Let us tell you that Mooney used to go to Warne’s parties regularly. He told that he is always surrounded by women in Warne’s parties. Revealing one more thing, he said that even at the age of 51, Warne is on Tinder and he wants to make new girlfriends.

Girls are present in parties

Mooney further said that Warne leaves all parties early to come in contact with women. At parties, Warne comes only to have a drink. Shane Warne would often disappear with the girls after drinking with everyone. Let us tell you that even before this, Warne has been caught in many big controversies.

The name has also come in the sex scandal

Shane Warne of Australia is considered to be the most successful spinner in the world. Apart from this, he is often called the King of Sex Scandal. He was accused of sending derogatory text messages to British nurse Donna Wright, as well as leaking pictures of Warne with two models before the 2006 county cricket match against the Middlesex team. Discussions of this incident take place even today.


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