Sharad Pawar exhorts Sachin Tendulkar, ‘take care in speaking on a topic other than your area’

new Delhi: There has been a lot of controversy ever since Sachin Tendulkar has spoken on the solidarity of the reactionary India on the tweet of American singer Rihanna. Now NCP supremo Sharad Pawar has instructed the master blotter so that such disputes can be avoided in future. Sharad Pawar, while advising Sachin Tendulkar, said, “Sachin should be very careful while speaking about farmers.” On the question of Sachin Tendulkar reacting in relation to the farmer movement, Pawar said that people had given a strong response.

He said, “I would suggest to Sachin Tendulkar that he should be cautious before giving a statement on issues related to other fields.”

Pawar attacked the government

Former Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar lashed out at the central government, saying, “These are protesting farmers who feed our country.” Therefore, it is not appropriate to call them Khalistani or terrorist.

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Sachin targeted Riana

Sachin Tendulkar wrote on Twitter that, ‘India’s sovereignty cannot be compromised. External forces may be spectators, but not participants. Indian citizens know about India. Let us remain united as a nation ‘#IndiaTogether #IndiaAgainstPropaganda’

What did you say?

Rihanna, a 32-year-old American singer, took the side of the farmers by sharing the news of a news website in several districts of Delhi’s neighboring state of Haryana when the internet was turned off. Riana wrote, ‘Why are we not talking about this?’ Along with this, he also entered a hash tag of #FarmersProtest in his tweet.

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Sachin insulted in Kerala

Sachin, who spoke of the solidarity of India, was so angry at the leaders of the Indian Youth Congress in Kerala that he insulted the veteran who received the Bharat Ratna. In Kochi, Congress leaders spilled black oil on the cutout of the master blaster and raised slogans in protest.


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