Shoaib Akhtar told Karisma to Prasidh Krishna, said – Return was no less than a miracle


Pune: Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has praised the famous Indian pacer Krishna (Prasidh Krishna). The famous Krishna (Prasidh Krishna) made a brilliant debut in the first ODI against England. The famous Krishna (Prasidh Krishna) took 4 wickets for 54 runs in 8.1 overs.

What did Akhtar say on the famous Krishna?

Shoaib Akhtar said on his YouTube channel, ‘He is Karishma, not Krishna.’ The way he came back despite being beaten by England batsmen, he took four wickets is nothing short of a miracle. Let me tell you that this is the best performance of any Indian bowler who has made his debut in international cricket.

Return was no less than a miracle

Akhtar, who has been famous for bowling the famous Krishna bowling, said, “You have to show your attitude to come back as a fast bowler after eating a quick run, but the way he took four wickets was excellent.

The famous Krishna overturned the match

Recently, when the famous Krishna went to the MRF Pace Foundation, it was natural for Glenn McGrath to have an impact on him and the fast bowler said that the first thing he learned from this Australian veteran was to remain calm. The famous Krishna played an important role in helping Team India win by 66 runs.

‘Do not reduce the pace’

Shoaib Akhtar said, ‘Whenever you are beaten, just remember one thing that do not reduce your pace and keep an eye on the wicket and try to throw the ball only there. You only need to do this when you do not understand what to do now. Finish the match at your highest speed.


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