Shocking disclosure of former cricketer Farokh Engineer, Racial Comments he had to face in England for being an Indian


New Delhi: Former India wicket-keeper batsman Farooq Engineer has made a shocking disclosure that he had to face racial comments in England. According to Farooq Engineer, being an Indian, racist comments were made on him in England. Former wicketkeeper Farooq Engineer said during a conversation with the Indian Express, ‘When I went to play county cricket in England for the first time, people raised questions that hey it has come from India. I faced racist comments upon joining Lancashire. It’s just because I was from India.

Racial comments on Farooq Engineer

Farooq Engineer said, ‘Those people were making fun of my English. I think my English is actually better than most of the British, so soon they realized that you can’t make fun of Farooq Engineer.’ Farooq Engineer said, ‘It is really a matter of shame.’

Statement came after Robinson was suspended

This statement of Farooq Engineer has come after the suspension of England fast bowler Ollie Robinson. Let us tell you that Ollie Robinson had made many controversial tweets related to gender discrimination and racism from 2012 to 2014, but he got his punishment in the year 2021. Olly Robinson was recently suspended after a brilliant debut in the first test match against New Zealand.

Farooq Engineer advised to impose heavy fine

Farooq Engineer said, ‘If strict action is not taken on this, then people will keep doing similar things against people of Asian origin. It has to be rooted out. I am not saying ban him for life, but definitely give him a heavy fine.


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